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Lamellodiscus euzeti Diamanka, Boudaya, Toguebaye et Pariselle, 2011 parasite in collection

Other host

Cheimerius nufar (Valenciennes, 1830)

Other locality

Arabian Sea, off Oman


First published in

Diamanka A., Boudaya I., Toguebaye B. S., Pariselle A. 2011. Lamellodiscus euzeti n. sp. (Monogenea: Diplectanidae), a parasite from Dentex canariensis and D. gibbosus (Teleostei: Sparidae) in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Parasite. 18. P. 145–150.

Other reference

Machkewskyi V. K., Dmitrieva E. V., Gibson D. I., Al-Jufaili S. 2014. Lamellodiscus aff. euzeti Diamanka, Boudaya, Toguebaye & Pariselle, 2011 (Monogenea: Diplectanidae) from the gills of Cheimerius nufar (Valenciennes) (Pisces: Sparidae) collected in the Arabian Sea, with comments on the distribution, specificity and historical biogeography of Lamellodiscus spp. Systematic Parasitology. 89(3). P. 215-236.

Specimens in collection

exemplar found in host
997.M.9w.v1-16 vaucher adult wholemount 2012-00-00 Arabian Sea, off Oman Cheimerius nufar


Lamellodiscus elegans Bychowsky, 1957
Lamellodiscus euzeti Diamanka, Boudaya, Toguebaye et Pariselle, 2011
Lamellodiscus fraternus Bychowsky,1957