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Polyclithrum mugilini Rogers, 1967 parasite in collection

haptoral structures

Other host

Mugil cephalus Linnaeus, 1758

Other locality

Black Sea, Karantinnaya Bay, Sevastopol


First published in

Rogers W. A. 1967. Polyclithrum mugilini gen. et sp. n. (Gyrodactylidae: Polyclithrinae subfam. n.) from Mugil cephalus L. Journal of Parasitology. 53. P. 274-276.

Other reference

Gerasev P. I., Dmitrieva E. V., Gaevskaia A. V. 2002. Polyclithrum ponticum sp. n. (Monogenea: Gyrodactylidae: Polyclithrinae) from Mugil cephalus from the Black Sea and problems of suprageneric systematics of the gyrodactylids. Parazitologiia. 36(5). P. 396-404. (in Russian).

Specimens in collection

exemplar found in host
733.M.id.v1 vaucher adult wholemount 1990-02-20 Black Sea, Karantinnaya Bay, Sevastopol Mugil cephalus


Polyclithrum mugilini Rogers, 1967
Polyclithrum ponticum Gerasev, Dmitrieva, Gaevskaya, 2002